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Citizen Science in Kiel - North of Germany

How does the environment near the coast affect people's well-being? When do people feel better in places and on paths, and why exactly? How are daily thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in your environment associated with mental well-being? We want to answer these and other questions with citizens of Kiel, in the north of Germany. If you live in Kiel...
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MARS: StreetMind in the Mannheim Study of Children at Risk

StreetMind will be part of a follow-up assessment of the longitudinal project MARS. MARS has focused on the psychological development of children at risk for later psychopathology since the 1980s, with a new assessment starting in 2024. The "Mannheim Study of Children at Risk" (MARS) is an epidemiological and longitudinal cohort study. More than 30...
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How do different natural environments contribute to mental health (HORIZON-Europe project RESONATE & StreetMind)?

StreetMind will be implemented in three studies of the Horizon Europe project RESONATE ( aims to develop and investigate nature-based interventions in different environments across Europe. The three studies across Europe will test the effect of mindfulness-based interventions at urban coasts (Barcelona, Spain),...
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Virtropolis: StreetMind and spatial navigation with virtual reality

The study "Virtropolis" uses StreetMind in combination with virtual reality to assess spatial learning and navigation in a novel environment. The study plans to assess ~40 adult participants in Mannheim (Germany), starting February 2024. How do we learn to navigate through a novel environment? And how does our everyday experience in this environmen...
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IMAGEN: The IMAGEN cohort follow-up assessment with StreetMind started

Welcome to the IMAGEN cohort (, who is now starting with the StreetMind assessment across Europe. IMAGEN started in 2007 with >2.000 individuals that were between 14-16 years old at that time, and are now in their mid 20s. The cohort focuses on psychological, environmental and biological factors contributing to m...
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