The Streetmind plattform consists of the Streetmind App (Android; iOS) and the Streetmind Survey. Both are available in Englisch, German and French. You find a more detailed description down below.

Join our community of citizen scientists! What moves you in your daily life?

Let's explore how our environments shape our minds across the globe

With StreetMind you can contribute to better understand how environmental factors like urbanicity or climate change influence how individuals across Europe and the world feel, act and behave. How your area looks like? Which places do you prefer? On which area would you like to draw attention from other people? By creating entries about your daily experiences of your surroundings and the environment you live, work, and interact in, you can make up your mind together with fellow citizens and scientists. How do you feel in certain places? Is it safe? Is it crowded? Do you feel particularly happy or stressed in a particular area? 

Important note/Disclaimer: never record or contribute observations in unsafe conditions and always take care of your safety first. The project partners and the app’s platform cannot be made responsible for any damage or accidents resulting from using the app or the service. The app is not intended to be used as a navigation tool or in emergencies. Please always contact the authorities directly in dangerous situations. Please read carefully our Terms of Use and the information about how to use the app/service properly. Thank you!

With citizens across Europe, you're asked to share your daily life experience in the Streetmind App and the Streetmind Survey

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App Downloads & Manual

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Below you can also find a short App Manual with an overview about the core features:

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